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As COVID 19 is confirmed in our community and tighter restrictions on gatherings increase, donations to the Red Cross are down. We are already seeing this play out in supplies of life-sustaining blood products reported from area hospitals.

We expect rates of COVID 19 to rise in the coming weeks and want to support God’s work in healing those affected.

Please help give blood, platelets or plasma if you are healthy. The life of your neighbor, family member, coworker, a friend could be reliant on these donations for recovery from cancer, car accidents, complications from surgery m, or from COVID. Visit the Red Cross to find out how to donate today and in the weeks ahead

Update from Ryan

After hearing from a doctor in our congregation about the need outlined above, I wanted to help.

If you want to help, here’s some advice I can offer from my experience.

First, set an appointment. Red Cross is very busy right now and if you are a “walk-in” it could take up to an hour or more to donate.

You can set up an appointment using the Red Cross App (Text “BLOODAPP” to 90999 to get it for your phone) or on their website. Note, if the app or site say they aren’t accepting online appointments, it is likely because that day is booked. Simply pick a day further in the future until you find an open spot that works. Or, you can call 1-800-733-2767 and they can help you find a day/time that works.

Second, when setting an appointment, I personally encourage you to set one up at one of their donation centers (as opposed to mobile sites). I went to a mobile site this week and it seems nearly impossible for them to maintain social distance within the mobile centers. I feel the centers are a much safer environment.

Third, fill out the Rapid Pass form in advance (note, this must be done on the day of your donation, but can be done before you arrive). This will save you time when you arrive.

Fourth, consider the Power Red donation option. I really wish I had done this, but I didn’t know what it was when I registered. Basically (as I understand it), this will make your donation last about 10-15 minutes longer, but it will speed up the time it takes to get it to the people who need it most. You can see all the types of donations here.

Finally, consider donating platelets and/or plasma. The time commitment is greater, but it is very much a need. I’m currently trying to find time to go do my first platelet donation.

If you have any questions, let me know. ryan@redemptionhill.org

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