Dwell Bible Listening App

Redemption Hill Church is happy to make the Dwell Bible listening app FREE to its congregants. There is no credit card to input, and signup is through a personalized Redemption Hill Church account.

Why Dwell?

On the surface, Dwell is a simple Bible listening app, but what sets Dwell apart is its quality. There are many options for readers, as well as many options for background music, and they are ALL wonderful. So good in fact, that many of us simply keep the settings at “random” to enjoy different readers and different types of music across passages.

In a time where we have so many voices vying for our attention, Dwell offers a fresh way to for us to sit and hear God’s voice through his word.

Use it along with your Community Bible Reading each morning. Use it prior to each Sunday to listen to the sermon text. Listen to the myriad of themed, topical playlist while driving around in your car, or at night before going to bed.

Got it. Let’s Get started.

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