Enjoying Grace Together Through God’s Word

Church Family — 

As we face another week in this COVID season, the voices coming at us are unrelenting. So many contradicting voices telling us what is to come, what isn’t to come, what we should be thinking, what we should be doing. Thankfully, as followers of Christ, I know we can agree there is One voice that we can always rely on in any situation.

Friends, there has never been a better time for us to daily anchor ourselves in the Word of God. This daily discipline is essential to who we are to be as His people. My good friend Ted Sinn said it this way this morning: Having a daily Bible reading discipline doesn’t make you wise, loving or righteous in the sense of living out the righteousness we have in Jesus… but I don’t know anyone who gets to that place without a daily Bible reading discipline.”

If you’ve been around Redemption Hill for a while you’ve heard about CBR —  Community Bible Reading. In fact, you may have even heard Ted talk at one of our CBR workshops or you may even own a CBR journal. CBR is a daily discipline that trains our hearts to enjoy the gospel on a daily basis and to encourage one another with the grace we have received. 

On Mondays, we want to take time to encourage one another in our daily readings for the week. Today I want to share this morning’s CBR encouragement from Ted. In this video, Ted reminds us of why we value a daily Bible reading discipline and then models how we do it through CBR. 

If you’re new to CBR, you only need a bible, paper, and the reading schedule. You could even use the CBR app. You can make your own CBR journal by learning more about the CBR journal design. If you already have a CBR journal and haven’t been in the daily discipline, start today! It can be an old CBR journal you simply have open space in — just rip out the old schedule and reference the new one. 

It’s difficult to start a new discipline. But some are worth the discomfort of getting started. Anchoring your heart in Jesus daily through God’s Word, especially in this season, is worth it.

Church family, let’s be who we say we are — followers devoted to Connecting with God THROUGH his word and other believers IN his word. 

Enjoy Grace,

P.S. If you have stories to share with us about your journey with CBR, we’d love to hear from you as we work to encourage others in this daily discipline!

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