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What to Expect at the In-Person Gathering of Redemption Hill

Before you arrive.

  • The staff and elders will be praying for you!
  • Everyone who wants to attend in-person must register online.
  • We will clean and sanitize the sanctuary and high-touch areas after every service.
  • Saturday afternoon you will receive an email letting you know your seat assignment for Sunday.
  • No one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted to attend in-person.
  • On Sunday morning, finish that cup of coffee and pop-tart in the car. No food or drink will be allowed in the service.

On Site.

  • A team of people will joyfully (though you won’t be able to see the smile behind their mask) be stationed thought the building to assist with navigating our new protocols.
  • Face masks will be required at all times for persons over 3 years of age. We will have facemasks on hand for anyone that does not have one.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available in multiple locations for your use.
  • In our movement and seating, we will maintain 6-feet of space as best possible.

When you arrive.

  • Individuals and/or families will be met by one of our hospitality team members at the base of the front steps where there will be designated spaces to stand.
  • The hospitality team member will guide you to a hand sanitization station where we will confirm that you know where your assigned seats are located.
  • A hospitality team member will then guide you to the entryway where another smiling (under their mask) team member will give you instructions related to entry and exit points, as well us explain which steps are used to go up and which ones are to go down.
  • You will then be escorted (from 6-feet away) to your assigned seating location.
  • Once in your seat, you will likely wave and give air hugs and to all the people you see.

During the service.

  • We will sing, celebrate, and make much of Jesus. It will be wonderful!
  • Everyone’s facemask will remain on at all times.
    • The only exception will be Pastor Robert as he preaches and the folks leading worship.
  • You must stay in your seats the entirety of the service except to use the restroom or exit the building.
  • Should you need to use the restrooms, follow the signs to use the appropriate stairs. Only 1 person is allowed in the restroom at a time. If occupied, those waiting will need to maintain physical distance.

At the End of the service.

  • After we have closed our time together, a pastor will get up to give guidance on our dismissal.
  • We will be dismissed by rows under the direction of our hospitality team.
  • We will exit through the specified door.
  • As a witness to our neighbors, when we leave the building we will continue to maintain physical distance, wear our masks, and not linger around the property.
    • We encourage those who want to have face-to-face conversations to head over to Forest Hill Park or another agreed-upon location to connect.

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